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Alsace (W)

Dopff au Moulin, established in 1574 in Riquewihr, Alsace, the Dopff family's commitment to quality has shaped the estate's enduring reputation.

Nestled in Alsace's unique terroir, Dopff au Moulin specializes in crafting aromatic white wines, including iconic varietals like Riesling and Gewürztraminer. Innovators in the industry, they introduced the distinctive Alsatian flûte-shaped bottles.

Notably, Dopff au Moulin is renowned for its production of Crémant d'Alsace, the region's sparkling wine. This traditional method sparkling wine exemplifies Dopff's dedication to excellence, showcasing the expertise passed down through generations. As a family-owned winery, Dopff au Moulin continues to be a beacon of Alsace


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Dopff au Moulin Riesling 2022
Dopff au Moulin Domaine Familial Gewurztraminer 2020