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Founded in 1811 by John Blandy, Blandy's is a venerable Madeira wine producer with a rich family legacy.

Over generations, the Blandy family has navigated challenges, including the phylloxera epidemic, demonstrating resilience and commitment to quality.

Their vineyard expansion across Madeira ensures diverse terroirs, contributing to the unique character of their wines.

Blandy's upholds traditional winemaking practices, aging their wines with exposure to heat and oxygen. Varietals like Sercial, Verdelho, Bual, and Malmsey are meticulously crafted, showcasing the distinct flavors of Madeira.

The company's cellars in Funchal house a remarkable collection of rare and vintage Madeira wines, reflecting historical significance.

In the modern era, the Symington family partners with Blandy's, ensuring the continuation of its legacy.


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Blandy's Terrantez Vintage Madeira 1978
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Blandy's Listrao Vintage Madeira 1977
Blandy's Bual Vintage Madeira 1972
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