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Domaine des Perdrix

Domaine des Perdrix

Domaine des Perdrix wasn't always a name synonymous with exceptional Burgundy.

In 1996, the Devillard family, steeped in five generations of winemaking experience, took a chance on the estate. This acquisition, as influential wine critic Robert Parker observed, proved there were still hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed in the famed Cรดte de Nuits vineyards. Before the Devillards arrived, most of the Domaine's wines were sold through a middleman, remaining largely unknown.

The Devillards, however, saw the remarkable potential within these 12 hectares of vineyards. Notably, their holdings included parcels in Vosne-Romanรฉe, Nuits-Saint-Georges, and a near-exclusive ownership of the prized Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru "Aux Perdrix" vineyard. More than half of their vineyards are Premier Cru or Grand Cru classification, like their "Echรฉzeaux du dessus" plot.

For the Devillards, meticulous care in the vineyards is an absolute priority. They favor low yields and ensure the grapes achieve perfect ripeness, even if it means taking calculated risks like waiting for the grape seeds to lose their bitterness. This philosophy translates into the rigorous sorting of hand-picked grapes and a multi-stage vatting process. Aging primarily takes place in oak barrels, with a portion replaced each year, allowing the wines to retain their vibrant fruit and floral notes when bottled.

Domaine des Perdrix's dedication has transformed their reputation. They've become a highly respected producer of "Grands Vins de Bourgogne," consistently achieving top rankings in blind tastings for their Pinot Noirs.
From being crowned the world's best to achieving pinnacle status within specific appellations like Echรฉzeaux and Nuits-Saint-Georges, their wines have accumulated critical acclaim for capturing the essence of exceptional Burgundies.

Domaine des Perdrix embodies the meticulous approach and commitment needed to craft world-class Pinot Noirs in Burgundy.


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